In a magical guided meditation?

Guardian angels are quite real - They truly care about you.

We all have guardian angels watching over us, but sometimes it can be hard to connect with them. If you're looking for a way to connect with your archangel, this guided meditation is for you.
Corin Grillo, the founder of the  Angel Alchemy Academy, and internationally renowned author of the Angel Experiment and Angel Wealth Magic introduces...

In this meditation, we will be opening ourselves up to communication with our guardian angel

We will focus on clearing our minds and relaxation so that we can be open to whatever messages they may have for us. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this meditation. 

Simply let go and allow yourself to receive whatever comes through.


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This is your personal invitation to...

Connect with your Guardian Angel and find out how your Guardian Angel can guide you to a better life.

Corin has "street cred" with International best-selling books and has been featured on Gaia!


 ... to help you

The angels guided me to start sharing their messages.

It first started with publishing my book "The Angel Experiment" that took off like HOTCAKES.

So many incredible reviews came in and THOUSANDS of lifes changed.

Here's just a few:

"Changed My Life"

I was going through a very dark time, probably like a lot of people on the planet right now. WELL, I'm here to tell you- my life has done a 180.
...Trust the process, and ENJOY working with the Angels and letting Corin guide you through this journey. She is AMAZING, the angels are SO beautiful.
I have one word for you- BELIEVE! - Nicole

"A re-connection with my True Self/Essence"

This is not a book or an experiment ...this is a life changing experience that divinely guides us to a brand new lifestyle. The first benefit I've got it's a sense of inner peace, when I started the journey I felt a burden in my Heart. 
Then it is a re-connection with my True Self/Essence. Thank You. I feel profoundly grateful for it! - Sylvia

"A Lot of Miracles Happen to Me"

Everything that is written in this book, will most likely change your life, it sure did for me. I’ve had a lot of synchronicities and a lot of miracles happen to me, angels are real and they are all around us! If you want to make some Awesome changes in your life. - Katianaka

"EXACTLY what I have been searching for"

I have done my fair share of seeking out resources on spirituality and connecting with whatever is much bigger than me. I am NOT a religious person at all, and to be honest, I didn't even really know about this angel thing to begin with. 

Even though I like diving into spirituality, I also approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism. Corin's method WORKED. It got me to really feel and sense that which is much, much greater than me in an intimate way. - A. Black

"Love & Assistance"

Corin is such a blessing to us here on Earth. TRUELY wants people to experience the Love & Assistance the Angels CAN give us if we let them. - Judy

"I now talk to the angels"

I not only love getting up in the morning to start my "routine" of meditation but I now talk to the angels and God on a more regular basis during the day. This is mostly just thanking them for everything in my life and everything around me.
- Karen

"Where the miraculous is an everyday experience"

Corin Grillo...guides you on an intimate journey to a life where the where the miraculous is an everyday experience. - Lee Harris, author of Energy Speaks

"Angel Power Helped My Release What's Holding Me Back!"

Omg what an amazing 21 Days of Angel gifts… I have never felt so blessed in my life. I have laughed, cried, and released so much crap that was holding me back for years. Things I didn’t even know I was holding on to came up for release. I loved waking up to Corin ‘s gorgeous messages daily… Thanks to the amazing angels and heavenly beings for this wonderful experience! - Joanne

So I created this simple meditation to help you make it easy-peasy to connect with your Guardian angel!

Because your guardian angel is too important to ignore a second longer:

  • Connect with angels for healing and guidance.  They want to help you.
  • ​Receive messages from your guardian angel and heal your body, mind and spirit. 
  • ​Experience Life With a New Sense of Purpose

This MP3 guided meditation will take you through a simple process of meeting your angel and getting a name. 

You may have met your angel before, but keep an open mind because often when you start new initiations, you might get assigned someone a little different like an additional person.

This guided meditation is about making powerful contact with your guardian angel. 

Your guardian angel has really been the one going out of their way to throw pebbles in your path to make you go, “Hmm. That’s a curious thing.”

In this guided meditation I’m going to invite you to ask your guardian, “OK. What did that mean?” 

So if you’re a numbers person and you see numbers a lot, you’re going to ask your angel first – even before you Google it – “What did that mean?

Building this personal relationship is true freedom because you’re no longer dependent on anything outside of yourself, and what happens when you really start working with the angels and with your guardian angel is you start coming into contact with your own personal authority in the world. 

Things start getting less confusing and you feel less swayed by the opinions of others, and that is part of the process of really breaking free out of the prison mind and stepping into the divine heart which we are all a part of. 

Your guardian wants to help you do that and that’s their job. 

That’s what they’ve wanted your whole life.

I really want you to pay attention and to trust how you “get it” and to not shame yourself if you’re not seeing spectacular explosions of light. 

I know that there are some people who just feel the presence. 

That’s how I started, I started just feeling them. And wow! There is nothing wrong with that.

xo Corin

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get immediate access?
Absolutely! When you hit the buy button today  and fill in your credit cart info, you'll immediately be sent your Meet Your Guardian Angel and Get a Name Meditation to your email address. Instant access.
What is a Guardian Angel?
Beautiful beings with you from birth, everyday watching over you giving you inspiration, guidance, love and protection.  They are personal to each individual and understanding and making a powerful connection with them can be extraordinary life changing.

They can help you feel IMMEDIATE comfort,  a lot of times you can feel or sense them holding your hand, wrapping their wings around you like a warm cozy blanket of love.

Making that first initial contact can be so powerful especially for those who feel alone or struggling. 

Guardian angels can bring real miracles and magic into their lives just by showing them how real they are.  It's our task to start talking to them and if you don't know how - this mediation will show you HOW to make POWERFUL connection so you can start bringing miracles into your life.
How is Meet Your Guardian Angel and Get a Name different?
This is the ONLY meditation you'll ever need to specifically meet your Guardian Angel and get a name for your Guardian angel.  It's a powerful invocation by world-renowned Angel communicator Corin Grillo.

You may find you have more than one.  This meditation helps you connect with the divine in just 7 minutes.  After listening,  it will become much easier to sense their presence and recognize when they send you magic and miracles into your life.
How long is this mediation for and what do you recommend when listening?
A powerful mp3  (audio format) meditation you can listen to anywhere, anytime.  It is a 7 minute meditation guided by Corin Grillo.

I recommend you listen to it every day for 7 days in a row and write down your guardian angel (s) name with pen and paper.  Take note of what your intuition brings to you each time you listen to it.
Why is knowing my Guardian Angels names important?
Intuiting their name helps make that bond stronger and helps build the relationship with your angels.  Calling them by their name and speaking to them regularly helps create a powerful relationship with them.
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